fuel economy - what do you get on average...

best so far is 201 miles on a full tank… i drive a mix of motorway and normal roads… no surprise that on the motorway it seems to be a lot more gentle on consumption…

so 201/9.5gallons = 21mpg… ouch!

i’ve had 280miles, but I rarely check.

is that an s2 exige? thats quite a discrepancy, i should probably get mine checked out…

ive done south london from blackpool on nearly a full tank at normalish speeds, or north london back on a full tank.

I get nearly 30mpg, giving it the full beans every day!!

i spank mine everytime i drive it… within reason… should i be concerned at effectively 20mpg? might ask the dealer to check it out. i only use 97 RON (super) unleaded… not sure if that makes a difference

I get about 8mpg on track in a S1.

I think it’s too hard to tell if you’re canning it a lot.


I use good quality normal petrol now, don’t bother buy high RON as I don’t think it does much…

About 30 MPG on the motorway and 11 MPG on the track here…

i’ve had 280miles, but I rarely check.

Must drive like a girl, I suspect…

don’t know how you manage 280 miles on a single tankfull… that’s excellent.

I get around 200 miles on a tank generally - about 28mpg normal running and about 17mpg at trackdays

ohh… its an S1 boggo

For me my MPG is completely dependent on how much time spent on 2nd cam. on track full tank = 90-120 miles
on the motorway getting 220-260 miles

My 280 was mostly motorway so very little on the second cam.