Fuel Cap

Just got my 3 month old Exige home and while admiring it on the drive I though I would just see how easy it was to get the fuel cap on and off.

Comes off fine then I put it back in turn the key and the key wont come out.

Read the manuel says 1/4 Turn only key wont come out unless locked etc, tried tried and tried again.

Eventually I must over turn it the metal inner bit that takes the key snaps, a small black piece of plastic breaks off and im left holding the key in the barrel for the fuel cap.

In the barrel is various metal bits that must match the key which just fall out and enable my key to leave the barrel.

Well and truely broken, very pissed off now,

What should I now be doing, Do I just but a new filler cap ? I guess my key wont then work in it.

any advise please.

The dealer should be able to get you a new cap with a coded barrel. Hopefully they wont need anything other than your VIN but you could also tell them the key code which is stamped on a black plastic bar code like strip which comes with the car. It looks like 1 letter followed by 4 numbers

Not heard of anyone doing anythng other than buying a complate replacement - Eliseparts used to do them also.