FS: Custom Info Boards about your car

Do you enter your car in car shows?? Do you wish you had an information board about your car to set it apart from the competition?

A friend of mine came up with a great design for this. This is an example of a standard information board.

[image]Honda S2000 Club of America Forums

This requires that you draft all the specs you want included on the board and 3 pictures that you want included.

The image is done with a inkjet printer and it is mounted to 1/4" black sintra (plastic) and laminated with a 3mil low luster UV resistant film. The low luster cuts down on glare and the black sintra is very durable.

He can also do custom work such as the following

[image]Honda S2000 Club of America Forums

As you can imagine, having something of this quality really helps set your car apart from the pack at a car show.

[image]Honda S2000 Club of America Forums

If you are interested in this - please contact me and I will get you in touch with the designer. The cost for a spec board is $150. The custom boards start at $150 plus any design time that is involved. Well worth it if you aim to make your car stand out at your next show!!

$150 !!! EEK !

They look good though… but there’s something a bit “I take my car too seriously” about them.

I think they are geared towards cars that are somewhat unique or with a special history.

In the States, lots of people have similar “less” professional looking displays for their cars.

Granted, there is nothing really special about my Exige, but in the States no one has ever seen one so all I do is answer questions about it. So, we thought this would help with that so I can enjoy myself at track events or shows. It did help, almost everyone read the board and I didn’t have to field so many questions.

$150US isn’t too bad. It costs quite a bit just to print the poster out. Add mounting and the UV protection and the cost is somewhere around $125. So, my buddy gets $25 for his time.

Well Meat,

I’ve always found this autoshow thing strange.
I would much rather drive the car than put it on display!
In fact, mine runs beautifully and has the front paint all peppered from the road grime.
And if I paint it, it’s going to be the same after a while (because I’m not going to stop driving it) so…

To each their own, but I can’t understand auto shows (hey, I’m crazy)


Yea - I’m not much into shows, but the one I took my car to is one of the largest British Car Shows in the States. I always attend the event to look, so I figured why not take the car? I didn’t have a track event planned for the weekend so I cleaned the car up and took it down. Had a good time and the board made my life easier.

My car isn’t even legal to drive on the streets here, so the only time I drive mine is on the track, so I appreciate a good track day too!

What was the public’s reaction, was it good? did they like it in general? I mean, was it gathering a bit more of a crowd than the others?

Uldis (curious)

Generally, wherever the Exige goes it draws LOTS of attention. Trackdays I spend most of my free time answering questions. This was my first show with the car and I won the 1975-present Lotus class. Whenever I was near the car I had to answer alot of questions even with the board. The board did a great job as people were reading it everytime I would check-in on the car.

So it’s not all about big V8’s over there, eh?

Yep, sorry meat. I can see how the Exige would draw lots of attention in the USA… heck, owners in the UK can’t fill up with fuel without answering 101 questions.

Admin - multiply 101 questions by about 101! People in the States have never seen or heard of an Exige/Elise or even Lotus for that matter. Heck, when I drive my S2000 people still ask what it is and I get a ton of questions on it.

The UK is very car friendly, look at the quality of the auto magazines that you put out. I read almost exclusively UK car mags.

While I was over there this summer it was great to see all the cars on the road that you can’t buy here.

In summary - the Exige is like a UFO over here.

People generally do like big motors over here - when I tell them the car has a 1.8l 4 banger they can’t understand how it goes so fast, etc.