Front spot replacement?

Has anybody found a simple way of replacing the front spots?I stupidly bided my time before buying covers and now one is cracked! [image][/image]Come to think of it, how do you change the bulbs in there?Got any suggestions for covers for them, costs and where to get them?Ta, Ian [image][/image]

Got my polycarbonate spot light covers mail-order fromNTC CARS LTDBurnham Road Trading,Estate,Dartford Kent. DA1 5BH.The covers cost approx �30.00 - this includes p&p and Vat. Not sure what their tel no is though. HTHCheers, TimTim

quote:Originally posted by Timbo:Got my polycarbonate spot light covers mail-order fromCheers Tim. Happy with them? I assume they are appropriately discreet? Easy to fit?Ian [image][/image]

Ian, Yep - very pleased with them, They are discreet - in fact they’re so hard to see that I almost forgot to take them off my 111s when I p/exed it. Dead easy to fit - the spot-lights seem to be spring-loaded so they may move slightly to accommodate pushing the covers on. They’re not likely to come off over bumps either.Rob Collingridges site has more details and photos IIRC.Cheers, Tim

Sorry - that should’ve been

ian , i think i remember reading on here that replacing the front spots is a clam off operation and therefore very expensive , i got the covers from b&c and they just push on , youd never know they were there !

Rog, that’s what I thought but Timbo’s suggestion not only lead to pics of the covers ( ) but also that you may be able to swap the lamps without removing the clam - Anybody had to change the bulbs, is that same difficult issue?Ian [image][/image]

quote:Originally posted by IDG:Anybody had to change the bulbs, is that same difficult issue?Want me to do a “photo story” on how to replace the lights/bulbs?Ian [image][/image](Well, I’m still unemployed so I’ve got to find something to do!)

I’ve cracked a spot too.Dead easy to replace - grill off, undo three springloaded screws, twist and out it comes!You can remove the bulb without taking out the light unit, but its fiddly as not much room. All ya gotta do is twist the back off the unit counter clockwise, remove the wire bulb holder and lead and presto!I’d advise taking out the lamp tho - much easier.My spot cost �49-95 plus VAT and P&PPerspex covers cost �29-95 Plus VAT and P&P from [email protected] Ask for Geary.Mike