Front Number Plates


Picking up my 340r on saturday and just have a quick question I hope some one can help me with?

do you have to have a front number plate? I used to have a bike plate (very small) on my exige but I don’t really want to have one on my 340r!

Thanks Nathan

oh crap, that was meant to go into the “General Section” what a chimp I really am!

A full size front plate is a legal requirement but I think you will find quite a strong train of thought that the penalty for not displaying a front plate could conceivebly be less than for displaying an undersized one… Of course you need to weigh up the liklehood of plod stopping you in each case. Certainly quite a few Elises run with no front plate and seems to be quite dependent on where you live as to the liklehodd of being pulled. Also seem to recall a lot of the Elise boys have there smashed plate in the car as evidence of the speed bump they hit a little earlier…

I ran for nearly 3 years without a front plate on the elise and it never once got mentioned. And i got randomly spot checked a few times.

The local traffic police get to know certain cars in the area and this town isn’t that big I can go un noticed for too long. IMO most traffic police are fair and car nuts too so not likely to be too harsh on these interesting little cars. I’m taking the risk and leaving it in the boot, even though its probably already been noticed as missing and the excuse wont wash !

Hopefully it’ll just be a MOT test or a producer and not ‘trying to pervert the course of justice’

Have you thought about the stick on ones - still not legal but look OK on a 340R?

I had thought about a small ish stick on one yes, where do you get these from?

Thanks for your advice every one!

Hi Nath, you can get 3/4 size stick on ones from very good service - never had any problems with them in the past.

Thanks for that, I will give them a go.

I use a stick on one too. No problems. I got pulled in my Caterham with a stick on one, and copper said he couldn’t get a reading on the car until i was on top of him. He just laughed, looked round the car a bit, and sent me on my way.