front mudflaps

read that some of you have use adapted elise mud flaps for the front of your exiges-which ones S1/S2? or no difference?


Most of us have used the �4 “Halfords Universal” flaps. They need a bit of trimming to the section which ingresses into the wheel arch, but they do the job nicely.

There used to be some pics in the archives, but since the bbs threw a wobbly a few months back, some archives seem to have been lost!

Cut a cheap rubber (very flexible) car mat to size, so it almost touches the ground, and attached to the fron ache using mini bull-dog clips (with the metal arms removed).

Job done!

After much research this is the easiest, cheapest and most effective design.

E-mail me if you want some pics (that was a sad afternoon!).


Obviously this is not a very popular topic for the S1 but anyone have front mud flaps on their s1? :slight_smile:

I’ve had a few different sets of flaps on my Exige, don’t know how well they would deal with mud though

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My car has standard Elise S2 mud flaps of the front… they fit really well… :sunglasses:

… and give about 100kg of downforce at 50 mph! :wink:

I now have carbon flaps on my S2 :wink:

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As to flaps, I like Sean’s but Pete’s sound the most suitable.

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