Front Indicators

Due to travel to the German Grand Prix tomorrow so was giving the car a wash and discovered that one of the front indicators had come loose. I now this is not uncommon but I will not be able to get a new one before Friday. So apart from taking the lens off completely does anyone now of a quick fix - even if it is only short term? Got an idea but just wondering if anyone else had any ideas.

Suggestion A) Drill a small hole through what (probably) remains of the front retaining clip on the indicator, thread a length of wire (solid not multi-strand flexi) through the hole and feed thro’ indicator hole down to grille and pull tight when indicator unit in place and fasten.

Suggestion B) Duct tape, even quite small amount which is not too obvious is OK.

Both are fully road tested solutions.

When you say indicator I assume you mean indicator at front of car, if one of the clips is ok & the other only slightly broken you could try drilling a small hole in the broken bit & putting a screw in. When fitting lamp assembly put the bit with the screw in first the unbroken part of the clip will then go in as normal. (We are also going to German GP but flying, staying in Cologne so may see you driving around, will look out for you at the race & intoduce ourselves if we see you), we have an Exige S which unfortunately is in for crash damage repair at the moment!

Sellotape to the circumference of the lens is your friend. Make sure it’s completely flattened by e.g. rubbing with a fingernail. That’ll last for ages & in all weathers until you get a replacement (it worked for me)

Thanks for all the replies and advice. Think I will first try and manufacture a spring clip to screw to the old lens but failing that I think it will be option A above. Got some lock wire and lock wire pliers so should be easy. If you are there over the week end will be staying at the wilhelmshoehe hotel and have tickets for T5b. Will be driving a black Exige S.

I’ll be there but staying in Cologne (Koln) but I’ll be looking out for you, although it will be rather busy I suspect. Hope the indicator stays attached.

Thanks, fashioned a new clip out of a springy bit of metal I found at work. Fixed it to the old broken part of the clip and it is sound. Clicked in place with a nice click and is really secure, not sure how easy it will come out though. Will worry about that later.