Front indicators

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How do you remove them to change the bulb. The manual says to use a ‘suitable’ rod, or screwdriver blade through the opening in the rad intake. But the driving lamps seem to be in the way. As I can’t see the clip I’m aiming for, it’s hard to know what I’m doing.
Any tips?

It’s Ok, I got it worked out now. Just needs a bit of brute force

Good to know…

Make sure when you refit the indicator it’s pushed firmly home, hopefully you will hear the click. Coz if it’s not then they have been known to detach themselves at around 70 ish mph. I have been that man.



This new “project” you’re managing, keeping you busy then?

Thanks for the tip, John

Funny mine popped out last week the plastic clip thing had snapped, now have a new one.

Mine broke after 3500mls.Apparently they will last anything between 1 - 10000miles


Oh great!
That means the other one will go in the next year, hope I am not on the motorway and it trashes my body work.

Come to think of it my Lotus Elise had the same issue, guess I thought they might fix a well-known problem!

I asked the salesman when I bought mine whether the indicators would fall out. He said no, they’ve changed the design.
Don’t know if that’s true, or when they changed it, but it was certainly hard enough to remove the thing deliberately.

This new “project” you’re managing, keeping you busy then?

Still trying to wind up my old work. Start next week for real Leeds Monday then flight down to Bristol for meeting Tuesday, looks like straight in at the deep end, can’t wait

Mine seems to have popped out and plastic bit snapped and I was doing 30mph in town!