front hopefully


got it at last!
any one recognise the car or know anything about it would be gratefull to know as ive said before it has a silly exhaust well i like itmakes a great noise race seats and harness but i dont know if the engine is standard? wakes me up every morning!

I recognise the sunstrip

Who is/are previous owner(s)?

not sure will check the book tonightbought it from alexander david in sunninghill they seem to do a lot of Loti there and i bought my last MK2 elise there so now im a happy hard top!at long last!

you beat me to that one looked nice when i saw it you was going for the blue one werent you
got a nice blue one from kingston instead
love the sliver though

was going for the blue one but when the nearly newish silver one came in and when he started it up in the showroom and the boys in the garagefell over i thought we will have that!
did ask them to make sure any other interested parties were ok with it though and i didnt even drive it untill i drove it away! probably silly but they have always been good to me in the past and will probly get it back should i ever lose the plot and sell it.

Not another one in Hampshire!!!
Where abouts?
I’m in Hedge End

Ey up Tone, we thought you’d eloped

HiYa Rob
Work keeps getting in the way of fun
and then there is No 1 step daughter’s wedding at weekend
Then there was late honeymoon t’other week
I must have been an evil b*stard in a previous life
Car now 53000 miles and still on orig engine - last forever these vhpd’s

Car now 53000 miles and still on orig engine - last forever these vhpd’s

Didn’t know they made a diesel VHPD (unlike Toyota)

Sounds like a diesel at the moment - exhaust gasket manifold has decided to migrate.

yep for me sins im in eversley near camberley loveley and quiet in the morning!

Car looks v clean

I got mine from Alexander David as well!

which one did you get not the dark blue one they had?

no no i got mine almost 2 years ago

Mine is Titanium Grey