front grill

Guys,To save me sometime messing around, does anyone know the quickest method of removing the front mesh grill between te driving lights?Ta

I do!

he heIf you kneel down by the grill, there are two plastic screws keeping it in place withe the body work - remove these.Next, the grill will pop out if you angle it forward slightly - there is a small bit of metal sticking out from the grill that keeps it in place.Et Voila!

Hi Paul, you hoping to improve the power/weight ratio. Bit extreme ain’t it? [image][/image]

Thanks Mike - sounds surprisingly easy for Lotus, however my non technical skills will probably extend the job to a few hours.Ally - Lotus build quality has done that for me - all the powder coating is coming off the towing eye stansion so a rub down and hammerite is in order!