Front brake Calipers

Are the S1 and S2 front callipers the same? They have different part numbers. I have a spare set of s2 callipers which I would like to get painted and fitted.

Answered my own question, they are the same. Elise parts sell the same Caliper for both cars.

Not exactly the same matey but yes interchangeable :wink:

Sounds like a good pub quiz question. What’s the differences? Are some stamped AP Racing and later ones stamped Lotus?


S1 have a spring in them, I don’t think the later cars did, all lotus cars had the lotus casting, VX220 had the AP casting

No they both have Lotus but the S1 calipers had a knock back spring added to the piston which was removed for the preceeding cars - could have been for the MMC discs & pads :slight_smile:

Well there we go :thumbup:

ETA: I know of at least one Lotus car that had AP stamped calipers from the factory :nerd: