Front 380 canards

£200 EACH unpainted so £800 for the set from Lotus , I shit you not ! Are they having a laugh ! ?

Ridiculous price :open_mouth: probably not carbon fibre either.
I don’t really like the look of them and deffo not wanting to fit any onto my Sport 350. But that’s only my opinion. :wink:

Paint primed plastic and granted they do look somewhat chav ! Phoned Eliseparts and asked if they were planning on making any and said they had had 2 enquiries ( including mine ) and so the answer was no , not at the present time ( very diplomatic ! ) i think Lotus are going insane !

Call Reverie :wink:

Old margarine container and some sticky backed plastic. Sorted :wink:

Bet Pete (gp_fisher) could make a lovely set out of some cedar :slight_smile:

Are they on back order?

Yeah they would be very light and smell nice too :laughing: :thumbup:

You can make me a new staircase, Pete

before the kitchen? :wink:

Only if the kitchen is on a mezzanine floor :laughing: for original :wink: