Freshly detailed

Sharing a few pictures of the Exige taken just before the lockdown.

Its been freshly serviced, MOT’d, wheels refurb’d, sills painted, and its looking awesome, but I haven’t even been able to see it in person.
On SORN and in storage untill all this is over, then will decide what to do.

Thanks as always to Hangar 111 for the work , and to Adrian at APW detail for the level 1 prep.

Shines well that! You have to be happy with the results?

Certainly pretty good for a 15 year old car. Rumour is it goes pretty well too :slight_smile:

Dead right, looks fabulous. Don’t ever part with it. It’s an legend. And, for an S2, an all-time favourite for me.

after mine, right?


Stunner that, love the colour too.


Got some more nice high res pictures through, Paint is looking fantastic.

So good :sunglasses:

Mister [mention]evo_ufo[/mention] what are your seats? I feel I need some in my life.

Very cool


They are Reverie Mulsanne seats with pads that were custom made.

I still own my reverie mulsanne seats, I took them out of my Exige and made them fit the Clio, so comfy.