Freelander as tow vehicle

Ok it’s semi related to Exiges as we will be towing one with it.

We are thinking of getting a freeloader TD4 as a tow vehicle because the discovery v8 consumes way to much fuel for the shorter trips to practice. Have driven the 1.8 and i don’t think the k series is gonna tow another k series to succesfully . Has anybody got a td4 that they use as a tow vehicle. i don’t expect to tow at a whack of a speed but don’t want to struggle to much. Bit worried about reliability as i know of 3 people whos 320d’s have blown the turbo’s but bmw is supposed to have solved that issue.

Get a Discovery… OK, so you may have to buy an older one, but it’s more than man enough for the job - and you can get LOADS of kit in the back and 4 passengers.

We have a discovery v8, but as a daily driver it is just to expensive to run , especially on shorter trips, super comfortable though and you lose the kids in the back. We will be keeping it but want something that is smaller and more economical to run but won’t battle to tow the car should it have to. Also t’s a new discovery so after a long day of practise you sometimes wanna just throw all the stuff in the back and go home, say if the clutch master cylinder sprung a leak for example shooing in the dark here as i am sure it has not happened to anyone. with the discovery you feel obliged to pack everything in nicely and not dirty the carpets


I use a TD5 and have a load space liner ( rubber mat cover thing ) in the back and do just throw it all in - easy clean with a hosepipe

The TD5 gives about 25 mpg pulling a trailer - my old Passat V6 did about the same so its not too bad … just dont use “kickdown” or sport mode

I use a 3 series BM diesel, and get around 40 mpg towing…

myabe look out for one of the following :

BMW 525 tds Touring

Audi A6 AllRoad 2.5 TDi (both 150, 163 and 180 bhp versions) The 163 bhp version might only be found in belgium because they restrict the power to fall into a lower tax-category.

Volvo XC70 D5

Land-Rover Defender TD5 (Any version basically) and if you mount a winch you can even pull yourself (or others) out of a ditch or away from the tyre-wall. Agreed, not as beautifully finished as the Freelander item, but then again, if you want to jump in and drive while still covered in black gold, you might as well choose the vesions that cleans easily.

Toyota Land-Cruiser 4.2 V8 Diesel.
Mitsubishi Pajero 2.8D (previous version) or 3.2 D (current one)

These basically are all vehicles used by “boating” people, meaning guys towing around a reazonably-sized boat across Europe, they are all diesels and they are old SUV-Jeep so you get a firm piece of hardware…

The list goes on…