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I have Culled this from the net and please forgive me if this is old news but it is new to me and i am sure many out there are also not aware of it. A great find! Thanks for the chap who posted it on the web.Re: Track Day InsuranceFrom: Barry SweeneyDate: 26 Feb 1999Time: 22:54:14CommentsA few weeks ago, this was posted on the Sevens mailing list at >>I’ve been lurking in, and spotted this today: With apologies for the lengthy reply - here is the official version from senior underwriter at Privilege: Historically some Insurers have excluded cover for track days by invoking the exclusion of racing, pacemaking and speed competitions. The fact is that Track day rules ban racing, speed tests or dangerous driving and therefore the above exclusion cannot be invoked. One prominant Insurer tried this exclusion and a test case was submitted to the Insurance Ombudsman. His findings are binding upon the Insurance Industry. He found in favour of the policy holder…therefore all Insurers include track days in their cover, although they do not advertise this and in some cases activley discourage their policy holders from participating. The Privilege position is: Track Days are included. There is no restriction on the number of cars involved, other than as controlled by the track day regs. As a track day is classed as normal road use (albeit on a private road) it is not a material fact which needs to be disclosed to Insurers, however advise is to disclose anyway and then there can be no misunderstanding. Special terms should not apply.I’ve had a nose around the web and can’t find any verification of this, I’ll ask at work this week and see if I can find any references. In the meantime, try checking this story with your insurance company and see how they react. BarryI like That A LOT [image][/image] [image][/image] [image][/image] [image][/image] [image][/image] [image][/image] [image][/image]:Kee.

I have insurance with Privilege too.However, as some dolt could crash into you from behind on the track and you can’t claim on their insurance, I don’t relish losing my NCD because of some other knob.That’s why I take out additional track day insurance.

Where do you get your cover from and how much does it cost?

I take my track day cover out with “Competition Insurance” aka Eggar Lawson0115 941 5255You pay an amount per thousand pounds of cover required.So for example, I usually want �10,000 of cover and pay �80 (if my memory serves me rightly)Then, should I suffer damage (my own fault, or someone elses) it doesn’t affect my road going insurance.

Thanks for the info.

I asked the insurance ombudsman to comment on the details of Keenan’s post and here was the reply:"Hello Steve,I thank you for your E-Mail dated 8 May 2001.Attached below is a copy of the detail regarding the case put to us on trackdays. I think it gives a clear indication of our feelings in general, butyou must balance this with the fact that each case is looked upon on its ownmerits, and not all policy wordings say the same thing. Personally I am notconvinced that “All insurers include track days within their cover”.Furthermore, as all insurance companies are not members of the Ombudsmanthen our decision on this specific case may not be considered “binding uponthe industry”.21.10 97/23919Motor - exclusion for racing - whether use on a race track excluded.The policyholder insured his motorcycle. The policy stated that "the insurershall not be liable whilst the insured motorcycle is: (a) engaged in racingor pace-making, any trial or speed contest, competition or rally.“The policyholder participated in a Track Attack Bike Night at DonningtonPark Circuit in August 1997. He sought advice from his broker beforehand andthey concluded that the exclusion would not apply to such an event. Whilstriding at approximately 60mph, the policyholder’s rear wheel lost grip andthe motorcycle was damaged. No other vehicle was involved. The insurerrejected the policyholder’s claim on the ground that there was no cover inforce whilst the vehicle was driven on a race track.Complaint upheldWe concluded that the insurer’s rejection of the claim was not supported byanything in the policy wording. The insurer’s argument that any use on arace track was a form of racing could not be accepted. It would not berealistic to describe a motorcycle which was being ridden as part of aslow-moving carnival procession as being used for “a form of racing”, eventhough this took place on a race track.The evidence from the organisers of the event, which was not contradicted,showed that the participants did not engage in any of the activities listedin the exclusion. The event was intended to “allow the participants to havefully supervised access to Donnington Park track on their own machines.” Theriders were not timed, not awarded any positions and were encouraged to goat their own pace and within the limits of themselves and their machines.The riding of participants was observed by on-circuit instructors/marshalls,trackside marshalls and was also monitored via a number of CCTV cameras.The policyholder was not travelling at an excessively high speed and thedamage to his motorcycle seemed to have resulted from an accident whichcould just as easily have happened on the public highway. Therefore theinsurer was asked to meet the claim in respect of the cost of recovering andrepairing the motorcycle.I hope that these details are of use to you and if you have any furtherquestions please do not hesitate to contact me further at this office.Yours sincerelyJohn QuinlanExternal Liaison Co-ordinator020 7964 1400Technical Advice CentreDirect Fax 020 7964 0533E-Mail: [email protected] technical advice centre gives informal guidance on ombudsman practiceand procedures on the understanding that any guidance given is not bindingshould the case be referred to the ombudsman for adjudication.”

A quick question David, how much is your excess for the track?

For 11,000 cover the excess is 1,250 giving you a maximum payout of 9,750 this is excluding engine and gearbox. The information was gained from Eggar Lawson who were kind enough to e mail me there track day costs. I will not be bothering to take out the cover based upon the info gained so far. there primium for the above cover is �155.When is the last time you saw a car needing more than a few hours in a good body shop?Kee. Ps if anyone wants the info on track day insurance i am happy to Ping one back to you with it attached [email protected]

quote:Originally posted by Admin5:.However, as some dolt could crash into you from behind on the track and you can’t claim on their insurance, I don’t relish losing my NCD because of some other knob.B]Why when all the cars going to goodwood are road going would I not be able to claim on the other persons insurance if they should smack me from behind? [image][/image][This message has been edited by Keenan Perrin (edited 10 May 2001).]

[This message has been edited by Keenan Perrin (edited 10 May 2001).]

I doubt the other party’s insurance would pay if they didn’t cover track days (so to speak). Is it really worth the hassle? Surely its easier to just get insurance with a company that provides track day cover so you don’t have to worry about some knob behind???I used Eggar Lawson last time and (if I remember correctly) it cost me �135’ish for �20K cover and an excess of �4000. Since then, I’ve changed from Privilege (who don’t do track day cover) to Esteem who do so I don’t have to shell out everytime I go on track…T

I’m insured with Esteem as well. I phoned them this week to see if I had track day cover included, and they said no, but it can be added (an no extra charge) if I can prove I had previous track experience (not sure why). Anyway, I sent them a copy of my certificate from the Lotus course I attended, and they’re happy to add the track cover. Oh, the excess is 10% of the vehicle value, so if you see me on a track this summer, keep your distance !

quote:Originally posted by Keenan Perrin: Why when all the cars going to goodwood are road going would I not be able to claim on the other persons insurance if they should smack me from behind? [image][/image]Because that’s the way it is… I’ll see if I can dig up some on-line resources detailing the reasons.

This was discussed on Scoobynet at length. Effectively if somebody drives into you then you have no comeback on them. I think you sign a form before you’re allowed out that puts all the responisibilty on yourself. To make any claim you need your own cover and like David says - better to take a separate cover out that keeps your road insurance untouched.

I took the liberty of e-mailing easy track and asked them this.MarcusHi there I am attending Goodwood on the 28/05/01.Just a quick question for my insurance. Will we be “racing, pacemaking or having speed competitions”?Many thanks for your help and I am really looking forward to attending your days.Keenan.Maarcus replied with this.Keenan,Absolutly no.Competition (ie timing, racing, pacemaking etc) is a very strict no no ontrackdays. Our own insurance would be invalid as would the circuits. It’s acommon thing for insurance companies to ask, as a way of catching you out.Just use the words “non-competative” event to appease them.Cheers,Marcuseasytrack--------------------------------tel: +44 (0)1235 751 109fax: +44 (0)1235 751 108surf: I like the part about there own insurance would be invalid should such activities take place. So they are always going to sing from the same hymn sheet. As to getting additional cover for such days with outrageous premiums and massive excess’s I think not!My bonus protection takes care of me for 2 smashes per year. As for the track day cover i bet should you make a claim they will start to ask questions like do you have any other cover on this vehicle? and, split liabilities and Double indemnities ETC.In Brief I conclude that Your standard cover should be enough. Some companies give free track day cover with there policies. I think its just a case of them pointing out what the cover is that you are paying for any how. [image][/image][This message has been edited by Keenan Perrin (edited 11 May 2001).]