forum question...

didnt know where to put this question, so the muppet room seemed a good bet…

when i reply to a post it seems to take an age to show up at my end. ie i cant see it straight away on the forum?? same happens if i start a thread, i cant see it for a good 15mins, unless i log out and log in again…very weird!!!

do i need to change anything in the profile bit, or am i just being a muppet…

yep i thought so… :wink:

Not sure really, seems a bit weird tbh.

never had that problem …

me neither sorry

scatty - looks like you are on your own - never had that problem.

Although sometimes I log on, sign in and then open separate thread on different tabs. If I then open these tabs, I’m no longer logged in and so cannot reply.

Try opening your profile and changing a few of the options to see if it makes a difference…

Is your PC Normally Aspirated???

EFA :wink:

of course its n/a. the choice of champions, so ive been told by mr fox… :blush:

right off to press some buttons.

ooooo that might have worked…i can see!!!


Your web connection is run by steam

ha ha, im in the midlands, not from up north… :smiley:

but do have a yorkshire twang…