forsale 190 VHPD engine, gearbox, Ecu..

as the title states

interested. email me details on mileage, service history etc please. [email protected]



on Ebay forsale!

MMnnnn just looked on ebay and I’m afraid my eyes were drawn to the lotus birthday cake - well a birthday cake with a Lotus badge on it

hello. I’m italian and i saw your engine on ebay.
Can you give me more informations?
Is the engine ready to start?

come on someone call me from the UK my tel 07798860388.

I want to sell to someone in the UK so they can come and collect it!

yes the engine will start provided you connect all up.

ah, ok.
(my english is very little) and if i come in london and i take the engine by hand? is it possible?
payment by money in your hand

i need the engine for elise

Hi Sixteen,

Not that I don’t want to sell the engine to anyone abroad. I just don’t want to pay for the packing containers as they are quite expensive.

If you was to come over and packed it all, then that would be great.

however I have 1 person from Belgium and another from Spain who is interested, however they want to send me a cheque for the engine only. and then get a shipping company to pick it up.

however like I said I don’t want to pay out a few hundred pounds for a container box.

have you an idea about the money that need to send the engine in italy?
because i can came with air, pay you and than i send engine to italy.

i want to find a solution.
Tomorrow i call a friends and i ask him if he came with me in england by car.

if you want send me an email at [email protected]

last question: and if i pay for the box and spedition and i give you something for the noise?

not look last question, i ask to TNT and TNT told me 450 euro. (crazy )
i ask my friend to come in england with me… i hope this.

SOLD! no more messages or insults! thank you!

ahki (Recardo) The only reason you get insults is if you don’t keep to your word when selling items,especially when you arrange with people to come and collect things,and they then hire vehicles and take time off work to pick up the goods.It’s no good to anyone to get a phone call saying it’s been sold when they’ve gone to the time and effort to accomadate you.If you had someone coming down to view the engine tell all parties involved then there’s no problem.If you make arrangements with someone stick to them.As it is i’m out of pocket for 2 days van hire because you wanted me to come down in the evening and i couldn’t return the van the same day.I Think you deserve all the insults you get!

doggydog332003, you contacted yesterday evening at 5pm and tells me that you want to come down. As far as I am aware, the engine was still available at that point. The engine was on sale for a while now, given the first opportunity the engine is now sold to the person who presented the cash.

once again i apologise for the inconvenience.

As far as i was concerned we agreed on the asking price.You asked how i was getting down and i said i would need to hire a van.I asked when would be convienent for you and you said 5pm today.That to me says that was the earliest time i (or anyone else) could view the engine.So i went ahead as planned.