Formula Yawn ?

So the result was…

Michael Schumaker WON

69 million other people FELL ASLEEP

Who wants the rules changed dramatically, so cars can actually overtake ?

I only flicked over every 30 mins after the 15 mins - it was definitely not worth watching on TV. being there is a completley different experience which TV just cannot capture other than in some of the onboard footage…its a pity then that there was so little of it!

The first lap can be quite exciting!

As can the legal arguments!


Was F1 on TV today?

Didn’t know.

Couldn’t care less. For me, it’s something that others watch, like football.


Know exactly what you mean U !!

BUt I do like the incar video shots !!!

i ran the telemetry on my lap top through the internet it was more interesting than the race

Just watched the highlights on SBS6 in Dutch Seems the highlight was the fuel rig leak …

Dont know if you got Dave “smooth” Richards talking to Sato he was saying “great drive” & “We can build from here” - Mmmm how bleedin’ obvious was that

It’s all pretty processional these days but we do live in the age of the nanny state… … but you gotta admit that its the same rules for all the teams so have to admire the Ferrari team for what they are achieving at the mo’

Also they have been there or thereabouts since 1997 unlike ALL the others… i’m a big fan of mikey boy, but i do agree the rules have to put the results back into the hands of the drivers… shoohey will still be making it happen tho’

this year i have been watching but don’t mind if i have to do something else… formula women has been a bit more fun…

Anybody stay awake to see the RX8 Womens championship afterwards…

Now compared to the F1 that was proper racing

And Ive never seen Schuey pulling Montoyas hair after a racing incident like the girls do