Ford GT

Looks like I can get hold of one of these (from the USA, not a UK spec car)… any ideas what people think they may be worth over here ? They reckon they’ll only make 1800 or so.

(I won’t tell you how much it’ll cost me !)

No idea what that’d be worth, but I really do like that car

More or less than an S2?


Good question. I think I’ll have to take both. Oh, and an Aston DB9. And as I’m clearly in a fantasy land, I may as well keep my S1 as well

the reason I ask, is that an American car dealer in the UK has one coming, and is charging between �250,000 and �270,000 for it… (yes, that’s pounds, not dollars.

And no, that’s nowhere near what I’d pay !

I priced up a Hummer H2 at my local US Import Dealer and they wanted �69k on a car that retailed in the States at about $40k…they were really taking the pi$$ but it appears that there is a market for them. Be aware of the testing that has to be done and possibly special parts made to make it legal in the UK.