Ford Duratec for Elise/Exige

Folks,I just had a chat with the people at Raceline and he mentioned the Ford Duratec engine.Apparently I had been the second person asking about fitting this to the Elise.Considering it is only 5kg heavier, same dimensions (actually slightly smaller).These 2.0 liter jobs can be had cheap and are able to easily push 180-200bhp and 180-190lb of torque without stressing the engine too much (also a stroked 2.3ltr version same size etc. The quote “280bhp is a piece of p*ss to achieve” comes to mind)Pete and Chris don’t have the time to market interest for a conversion kit so I thought I would ask to see how many would consider trying one of these…seeing the interest that Joe McCarthy has with his Honda conversion I think there are enough people wanting 200bhp without spending 6k for a stressed Kseries or adding weight with a TT kit.hands up from those intereted!!(oh yea, and call Raceline on 01483810812 to tell them to do one…)carsten

Although it wouldn’t be a revvy as a VHPD or VTEC

LRD, when you say cheap how much do you mean? From a personal point of view, i think that to muck around with the changing of engines, electrics etc for the sake of another 10-20 BHP is not justified. I am sure if i spent the money on training i could get the car to go faster and safer instead, with less BHP.I appreciate that if people have the 172BHP version Exige or 120BHP Elsie then this is an option to be thinking about, if the cost justifies it.On another point about Joe, has anyone had an update from him as to how it is going with the Honda engine project?LRD, not having a go and certainly not being rude (e-mail is a very poor communication tool when expressing opinions i feel), i just do not know how much this would cost agianst benefit gained. Cheers, Mark.

Look at THIS for up to date specs, power and revs…

Seems cool to me, and well worth a serious look if my engine goes bang !!

Hiya guys…

Geary at Eliseparts and Guy from Nitron are doing a kit for this engine. More info can be found



Seems to have potential as the management is much simpler than the iVTEC system - torque especially would be interesting with the 2.3 version.

I see no mention of cranks ( not wishing to get banned ) but are the standard ones strong enough for the higher power and revs.

I think I like this route as its more “open” for many builders and modifications.

And on a pure emotional level … Lotus and Ford

OK I’ve changed my mind completely having just discussed this with a guy using our workshop at mo. He builds engines sort of for a living, not so much now, but is well known in hillclimb circles … anyhow he’s building a 500hp Rover V8 here and its quite interesting … flat plane crank and so many mods you could not beleive …

OK the point is to get serious reliable HP you need a good base and that means steel everything really - so whatever you start with you junk most of it … crank, rods, pistons, valves, cams, spings … so you end up using the block and having to modify the head - no matter what engine you start with. Hence the price is gonna add up to the sum of the parts plus labour and a real 250-280 hp 2 litre 4 pot is gonna be 12 grand when you add that lot up. Makes the Honda look cheap huh ?

Then consider is the block etc built for the best strength etc for relaibility and well …

So I’m back on the Honda track … until I see a cheap BDG and then its back to Ford - BTW a new BDG can be made - 12 grand it is and 75 kgs-

Block - 2500, crank 1500, pistons 500, rods 1000, head 2500, cams 500, sump kit pumps etc 1000 plus the bits and screwing together… then you need a plate for the gearbox - which is still the Rover unit.

Nah the Honda route is the best VFM for sure

Until somebody figues out how to install a KV6…

Have the QED catalog+preice list with pictures here with me.
Looks lovely…


I know, I know we all think a V6 is the best route - but look how wide the KV6 is - just where will the centre line (mass) be of that lump ?

What we need is a CAD model ( 3D solid will be fine please ! ) of the engine and the Exige to play with …

Hiya guys…

Geary at Eliseparts and Guy from Nitron are doing a kit for this engine. More info can be found



Why can’t I register on this forum ?? It won’t let me past the Duratec Privacy/Rules page… every time i ‘agree’ it just goes back to the top of the page… so what 's being said on this forum about Duratec & Exige being married ??

I registered with no problem - try again…

Why can’t I register on this forum ??

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Rox… You’re not running Norton Firewall or anything are you ? Need to turn Norton FW Privacy off to register. Once signed up you can turn it back on. No idea why though

As for VFM versus Honda, you’re only looking at power from the honda unit… you have to look at torque and torque spread, where I think the Duratec is a fair bit better. The engines are probably fairly equal in performance but different in delivery. Time will tell.



Any chance of a graph showing the two torque curves side by side, as it were ??

the torque delivery from a honda k20a engine is really not bad. Check Prototype Racing web site…

I see no mention of cranks ( not wishing to get banned )

Wonder how Jonathan Ross would say “crank”

I have no problem with talking about cranks… Pesky is almost an institution after all.

Should be in one?

I can make a graph with Excel and it will look supurb