Forcedfed Turbo Elise Videos!

Hello Guys,
Here are a few videos of our turbo Elise in action. I will try to get some more up shortly.

Just right click and save as:


Can’t download ???

Try that link??

That is our car at a recent Motor Trend magazine test : , on 91 octane pump gas.


that’s something you don’t see very often: an Elise in a straight line!

Seriously, I thought I was going to see one at the track or something.
I know, it’s strange, but although some people like acceleration vidoes, it leaves me… underwhelmed.

Come on, bring some in-car footage at a track!

I should have some more in car stuff soon. Thanks guys.

Ok, that does look quite fast!

But Uldis is right, at the very least it needs something to compare it against (like a 911).


ps. Ok, I’ll have a look at the other vids then…

Looks good. Out of interest, what gearbox is in the car?


Looks good. Out of interest, what gearbox is in the car?


The stock Toyota 6 speed is in the car. The new Forcedfed Race 400 (400+ horsepower) will also use this tranny with a Cusco LSD and an ACT Extreme Clutch. I should have video of that car in May for you guys. We are entered in the Car and Driver magazine tuner shootout with this car!

Hmmm, interesting.
How are you going to get around the fact that they’re going to make you wear normal tyres? In page two they say they’ll get you the tyres from somebody to assure they’re road legal standard tyres.

Are the Yoko A048’s going to be accepted?