For Sale Rules

Henceforth, all for sale ads must include a price.

what if its a wanted ad

Then it’s not a “For Sale” ad…bloody Southerners :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

comedy is wasted on bloody northerners :wink:

Then it’s not a “For Sale” ad…bloody Southerners :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: [/quote]

Bloody idiots!! lol

i’m lost!

were you ever found ??

Can we clean up this process anyhow?
Ie.A/V forums have a great set of rules on ads to discourage ‘gazumping’ and blind auctioning practices .
All dealing is done in the open with all to see.
Only when a deal is agreed can things go to pm.
activity in recent days is not good for our community.

Wont work JF…

Problem you have is indecisive people who mess you around when you have other people stacked up behind them wanting to buy. Who do you trade with? Seems to be an unwritten code that as soon as someone says ‘im interested’ that it has been sold, but it hasnt… So what do you do, wait for the first guy who cant make his mind up or go with the second guy who just wants it and is ready to pay you…

Likewise, when im buying if i see something that I want or is of interest I will either stamp my foot on it by saying ‘yes ill take it, how do you want paying?’ or i just wont bother. If i do make a general enquiry asking questions for more info and it gets sold while im messing then its my fault for not just saying ‘yes ill take it…’.

I can only presume you are on about the wheels that have been advertised by Chris. Ill be honest with you, after seeing your post on his for sale thread saying ‘if only they were black’ then seeing your later thread asking for wheels for sale, I replied to you - just buy Chris’s…

After posting that on your thread i thought to myself, actually for £350 ill have them back and sent him a message myself saying just that-

Still got them? Ill have them if so… He hasnt got back to me so can ony presume they have gone elsewhere if not to you…

Did i think i was going against you? No, not at all. If you had your ‘ill take them message’ in, i would expect that to be honoured, but life aint fair at times…

Btw i didnt get them so obviuosly someone piped up and said yes before both of us…

I wouldnt worry about it too much!

Agree the principle with Gav - if you say you “definitely want, how do I pay”, then that deal should be honoured - of course, assuming you are the first in line! .Up until that point in the transaction, the goods aren’t sold.

Anyone want to buy some silver S2 Spider wheels for £425? :laughing:

425 and a 10pk of Bisto?

Is that a “deffo”? If so, done deal.

The one thing that should be enforced is putting an asking price in the ad - as per the rules!

I’m put off buying when someone says ‘offers’, but I’ll always make an offer if there is a reasonable asking price stated, if not intending on meeting the asking price.

I agree, something isn’t sold until it is paid for. It is so easy these days to get payment to someone if you are serious about wanting to buy something. I am sure we have all been messed around when selling something.

That’s wierd… I was promised them and was going to re-sell for £ 500!! :laughing: