For Sale - Pagid rear pads - Exige S2

Brand new in the box. RS14.

Paid �140 for them, so would like �105 delivered.

These are brand new - and having tried the front ones, they are superb!

Only selling as I have sold my car.

These are bloody good - buy them!

What are you getting…?

Another Jap car?

Not sure yet :smiley:

Think the Evo will be going soon too. I will probably get a fast runaround and either a GTR or 360 modena, and hire stuff for the track (or just bum a passenger ride from you chaps :smiley:)

Longer term i’d like another Exige though, prob one of those new black things.

If Jonny and I don’t go racing!

:sunglasses: You could drive my car any day buddy…

Two things though :smiley: I want either the 360 or the GTR for a bank holiday weekend and second be very careful with it as my car maybe too bloody quick for you not having one of those wussy gay super thingy’s on it :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


You can drive it anytime mate.

(up for the Pagid pads!)


Sold in 5 mins on Seloc :smiley:

Yeah cus that lot don’t know any better! :wink:


:smiley: cheers chaps.

I never go on that site - here is my Lotus home. I just don’t have a car now :wink:

A sad day, can’t wait to see the new toy though :wink:


This is a PF site :smiley: