for sale new COBRA SEATS

[color:“red”] [/color] COBRA SEATS Im currently able to offer the members of this forum / club the following seats at less than RRP prices , These seats with exception of the roadster 7 are all FIA approved . Please call me on 07768100219 or email me at [email protected] for price details or with any questions and ill be glad to help you.All seats come garanteed and i can also supply harnesses and subframes etc at less than RRP. [color:“red”] [/color]
Roadster 7 seats- A unique seat developed for ‘Seven Style’ vehicles where space is at a premium. Designed to maximise legroom by utilising the angle of the rear bulkhead, the Roadster Seven delivers incredible support and comfort not normally associated with these cars. Now available with numerous options including harness slots to accommodate a four point harness, the Roadster Seven won’t just enhance your car, it will transform it.Weight, Roadster 7 - 8.8 kgs
Imola seat-
Cobra’s composite technology is unsurpassed in providing a seat with unparalleled strength at an unbelievably light weight. The Imola has a five or six point harness facility, Suede Tec grip system, high quality rock fabric and the choice of Diolen or Kevlar shell in two widths, each with a black gel coat finish as standard. This hugely successful seat has attained new levels of specification. All this with Cobra’s legendary quality and strength - there are no alternative.Weight, Imola Diolen - 7.0 kgs / Imola Kevlar - 6.5 kgs
Evolution Technology (full motorsport spec)
Based upon the standard composite Suzuka design, the Suzuka Technology� features the additional benefits of an ultra light weight pure Carbon shell, unique triple layer Confor� foam and your choice of Alcantara� colour trim, with contrasting real leather wear patches. The Suzuka Technology� also boasts special Cobra Technology� livery in silver and gold and available at no extra cost, your team or driver name embroidered beneath the harness slots.Weight, Suzuka Technology - 7.5 kgs

Not wishing to rain on your parade but do you know which of these seats will acctually fit as a pair in an Exige?

Having swapped out my standard seats for aftermarket ones, I was very frustrated at the lack of choice when it came to fitting a matching pair in. Always fancied a set of the Evolution ones with that NASA gel technology

The main players seem to be:

  • Lotus - always a bouyant market in recovered seats
  • Eliseparts
  • Reverie
  • MOG

Having just seen all the new factory ‘custom’ options on trim for the Elise/Exige i cant see much point in alternatives. Execpt for racing or mucho track use only.

Having just seen all the new factory ‘custom’ options on trim for the Elise/Exige i cant see much point in alternatives.

What about the [image][/image]

Lotus goodies are never cheap…and their upgrade costs are on top of having to pay for the original seats!

Hanger 111 do Exige style seats from about �900 for the pair, I thought that was pretty reasonable?


Intersested in a seat so sent an email,but was returned with a failure notice


As a bit of a tight git myself, i always thought the re-trim prices were ok. Infact, i’m saving hard now to get something done…say maybe a handbrake sleeve


Hanger 111 do Exige style seats

I thought they just had them retrimmed by the factory?

Sorry, I phased it wrong, I meant �do� as in sell .

And as far as I know, yes they do send them to the factory for re-trimming, their website says:
�With the factory trim shop’s years of experience and in-depth knowledge of Lotus interior trim their service provides a quality of finish that simply cannot be bettered.�

However if you did want that style seat re-trimmed it would cost from �420 - �450 (inc VAT) per seat .


I see Eliseparts has just started doing these:


for �452 inc VAT see web page

can’t find their carbon fibre ones on the site?

I think you will find that you are correct and that none of the Cobra range of seats actually fit as a pair in the narrow tub of the elise/exige. It has to be specially made items. It is a shame the Lotus ones are so expensive because they look great…

It has to be specially made items. It is a shame the Lotus ones are so expensive because they look great…

The Lotus Sports seats are the most comfortable car seats I’ve ever experienced, despite them only having fore & aft adjustment - being a shortarsed, overweight old fart appears to have some advantages

not certain on fitting , in regards to dimensions of seats however please refer to here-
all dimensions of ALL cobra seats are on there - heres MY prices for seats ill sell ANY cobra products BTW at less than RRP -
Daytona- �220.75 (rrp 265)
carbon- Suzuka technology 994.95 (rrp �1100)
cabon- imola technology � 969.99 (rrp �990)
suzuka -�264.95 (rrp �350)
imola � 198.95 (rrp � 259.99)
Evolution �429.75 (rrp �445)

Monaco - �112.99
Clubman -�99.75
Cub - �99.75
Classic - �94.75

Ill add prices of any imissed off the price list ASAP
Thanks for the interest people .