For sale K series VVC valves - Cams wanted

16 new powertrain VVC valves still packaging.
Cams wanted piper 270s or similar ideally with rotor arm peg to run with hydrualic lifters thanks

am i right in saying that these valves are the same as the vhpd ones?

Yep, they’re the same. 31.5mm Inlet and 27.3mm Exhaust

thanks steve

Hi i bought them to convert my head but due to reg changes we have to run standard valves so no longer required.

however cams are free so I was hoping that someone may have some 270’s kicking about?



I have some VHPD cams,would guess 5000mls on them if they are of any use?

Do these work with Hydraulic lifters?
What are you after for them?
Do they have the spigot drive to take a rotor arm?
Can you give me a call 07971 434998
Many thanks

No you can’t use solid lifter cams on hydraulic lifters. The ramp angles are different on a hydraulicly profiled cam

thanks for that