For sale 3 piece motorsport rear end complete

for sale 3 piece motorsport rear end to include engine cover and roof as new never fitted �850
07788 102668

Hi Marc,

Do you have any pictures of the kit you have. You say its a 3 piece kit, I guess one piece is the roof, one piece is the engine cover, what is the third piece?

Sorry if that is a silly question.




Just in case marc does not see this, it is the full 3 piece rear end, plus roof and cover, so I suppose it could be called a five piece rear end!

Thanks Russ!!

If anyone is thinking of buying this to upgrade a standard exige i would be intrested in a standard rear clam !!!

i would be very interested in the motorsport engine cover if u are willing to sell the parts separatly?

Hmmm… If that is the case I could be interested in the M/S rear clam… Are the fitments the same as the standard rear clam?

Can you fit the normal perspex cover with the M/S rear clam? And the spoiler plinths are the same?

forgive my ignorance but what is the difference between the motorsport clam and the std. exige?

secondly, those motorsport engine covers are massively overpriced for a single skinned glass part without a reinforcement frame. about 600 quid not painted if i remember, has anyone whacked a mould out and can offer parts for less. i really do want one you see.