For Sale 3.1 Supercharger pully wheel and belt

Due to change of plans, I am selling a brand new never fitted 3.1 seriously Lotus pully wheel and belt.

The belt is for a car with A/C.

Price £50 plus postage.



Would this make much difference to my car?

Had 260 upgrade, 2bular manifold, sports cat or decat depending if I’m doing track day or not, TRD filter?

Hi Phil
I sold the car before I had chance to fit the pulley wheel, the 3:1 is supposed to be ok without a remap that’s why I bought it. Any smaller and you will need to do upgrades, it will spool up the supercharger quicker so yes should give you a power increase. The belt is for a car with aircon.

Items now sold :thumbup: