For anyone in the South East

I’m trying to get a few of us to meet up, maybe on the 9th of Oct, do the Southend thing briefly and then off to somewhere much nicer

If anyone’s interested I’ve added an event on SELOC here:

Ta muchly!

I could be up for that - might be going to the mid-engined jobbies at Donny tho - I think it is the same day ???


There’s a couple of other things going on on the 9th so we’ll aim for the 16th (saturday after)… Be cool if you could

Sounds interesting - any more Exigers are thinking of going? By the way, don’t they have a few splitter-unfriendly traffic ramps around the Southend sea front?

There’s a couple of 'em interested, I think there’s about 4 inc me…

And you can get over the speed humps along the seafront, straight with a standard ride hight.

I might be interested - will have to check the diary .

Cool! Just so we can get a decent amount of folks there looks like the date may be the 23rd… But will keep you’ll posted