Focus RS engine in an Elise / Exige?

Hi Everyone

This is my first post on the forum

I’ve been involved with kit cars for quite a few years now, mainly Westfields and done a bit of racing in the past.

I’ve recently finished rebuilding my ST170 Zetec turbo engine to go back into my Westfield but have decided it’s too powerful for the car and decided to possibly put it into mid engined car such as an Exige mated to a 6 speed Getrag box.

Has anyone put a zetec engine in one yet?

I have all the engine and gearbox assembly which I have spent alot of time and money developing before you all try and pursuade me to go audi or honda




There are some duratec conversions that have been done, how similar is it to one of those?

Engine and gearbox mounts will be different

Hopefully the cable gear change will be the same

What do people forsee to be the biggest problem fitting this type of thing?

Suggest you speak to Steve Williams

The getrag box is for inline installation, you will need a tranverse type box, the duratech will mount (with an adaptor plate) to the original PG1 box so it is possible that your engine will do the same.

The induction looks the right size but the engine has a broad footpirnt at the bottom which may present a few problems.



Nice looking machine you got there. Have you weight it yet? So far I have:

Std Elise 122hp rover 5speed : 130kg
Nissan SR20DET with 6 speed :216kg
Next gen Saab 2liter 6speed :210kg (but this incl. aircon, PS-pump etc…)

The gearbox I have is from a FWD Focus ST170 which is a 6 speed Getrag with cable change

I believe they also use this box in the Mitsubishi FTO so it will handle plenty of grunt, esp if i put a quaife gearset into it.

As for weight I’m not too sure on the final weight yet

anything is possible if you have the means, engine mounts and drive shafts can be made up, if you are really set on it, get a chassis just a case of trial and error.