Flywheel bolts

ok, i need some help/ideas on removing the 4 rounded remaining flywheel bolts.So far i have tried heating, impact driver, cold chisel and bloody great big hammer but they will not budge.Whats the next approach, grinding the heads off?

PhilHave you considered drilling and stud extractor? - Expect drilling would be difficult due to high tensile nature of bolts. Annoying when straightfwd job becomes a nightmare!! Hang in there…Simon

You could weld a steel bar at right angles to the bolt head.

Its off [image][/image]Gtround the heads down to 12mm, heated them and with the help of the 5 foot bar they came out…My 13mm socket had a cracked in it which caused the rounding.Also when the flywheel came off, the rear crank oil seal was half out and no sign of any sealant [image][/image]