Floor pan corrosion!!

Just a quick one, please can someone give me the latest on the corrosion problems with the driver and passenger footwells? Is it an official Lotus warranty recall, or do you have to pay for it to be rectified? Many thanks. JEZ

It is FOC, I did not get an official recall, but asked and B&C did it last time it was there…

I’m sure dealers do it if there’s not a visual problem though. They have to send a picture off before being given the go ahead.


Hi Huskydog - I put everything from a cpouple of my posts into this thread to save you jumping about - hope it helps…

Hi All - I’m a newbie ‘graduating’ from a S1 111s to Chrome Orange S1 Exige at the weekend. My Elise had really bad corrosion under the rubber mats. It had high mileage (45k) as the previous owner used it every day. I had to have the new floor panels fitted (stuck over the damaged ones not replaced)and the new carpets fitted on top (looks like any new Elise floor with the anodised ally securing screws. If you are in any doubt or you still have the sweaty original rubber mats get it into your nearest dealer now b4 it gets worse!!! JCT600 Leeds did mine and I have no complaints (and I’m a pedantic barstool at the best of times) - hope this helps the doubters. Some words of caution. Dont try and remove the mats to clean it yourself. Lotus need to see the photos to authorise the repair. I did but had the sense (incredible for me) to take some piccies before cleaning it. It was pitted but not perforated. As far as I am aware if your car has the old stuck down mats you will get them replaced foc under warranty - good look.
This could be what is lurking underneath - you have been warned!!!Elise Floor Corrosion Piccies

Hi Guys - see the link to my post on www.exiges.com read this first or the rest of the post wont make sense (cant promise U wont get bored though!!!)Manky Floors and the associated piccies http://www.coolpink.net/misc/elise/index.html

As far as I understand a type A repair is a clean and new mats/fixing screws and a type B is new floor panels stuck over the originals. I wanted any new owners to see exactly what condidtion it is in. Covering corrosion up is what dodgy garages did to old minis and MG sills!!! I think I wrote a snottogram to Lotus saying I thought it was pants. I got a letter back asking me to sign and say I didn’t want it doing or get it done. I seem to remember something about the corrosion warranty could be affected if I didn’t get it done as they specified (i took this as a threat - I was not impressed). It did look great when they had done it but it will depend on the chap/chappess who sticks them in.

Re Exige…

The previous owner took it to Storm and they recommended a type B repair. Luckily they didn’t get the parts in b4 I bought the car.

I have my Exige booked in tomorrow for a type A repair at JCT600. If they cant promise that it wont look like the floors were atacked by forty six teenagers with chisels and hacksaws (as photo on this thread) I’ll collect the parts and do it mi’ sen’ (as we say here up north).
More news as I get it.

Collected the car and they have done a superb job. I have seen the odd horror story from JCT600 in the past but thats two cars of mine they have done very well. One with new floors the other with just the mats - Well done chaps!

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