Flooded .... Exige is fine

Bad news at home.
Whilst we were out for the day, the boys bathroom flooded (cold water feed burst) and flooded the house.
Water filled the bathroom, went onto the landing and down the stairs. Water collected in the ceiling void, so came through the lounge, kitchen, hall, dining room and wc ceilings.
Kitchen units are blown.
All flooring wrecked.
All lighting goosed.
Water collected in the hallway and through the door into the garage, leaving 2" of water in garage.

Luckily the garage ceiling is the only ceiling not affected and the Exige is fine… Phew!

Sorry to hear, hope it all gets sorted as smoothly as possible :crossed_fingers:t2:

Nightmare :disappointed_relieved:

Insurance company trying to wiggle out of it, because we have a cabin in the garden which I sometimes use as an office and they say I never declared as a place to work on the property.
Everything is ripped out, new floor going into the bathroom tomorrow, kitchen units on order, plasterer due next week as the dehumidifiers have done enough.
Today was skip runs with carpets and flooring.

When we got home and saw the destruction, I turned off the water (power had tripped) and rushed to the garage to check on the Exige… this obviously didn’t go down well with the wife :smile:

Why is this not a suprise.

What exactly has a cabin in the garden got to do with a leak in the house?

Hope you get it sorted quickly.

Sorry to hear about flood, must be horrendous to come home to, though obviously pleased Exige survived! Hope all remedied asap including the insurance :+1:

Nightmare! Just caught up with this. Hope all now going well. Insurers🙈

Sorry to read about this John but sounds like everything is well under control and the Exige is fine so :+1:

Cheers all.
Upto 4 workers in the house most days , I spend every morning snagging the work.
Hallway ceiling skimmed twice due to poor finish.
On the third bathroom door due to poor joinery work.
Wall tiles in the bathroom damaged when floor tiles removed.
Bath panels broken , so need to make new ones.
Third attempt to match kitchen unit doors to existing.
Skirting damaged when removing units.

Really poor workmanship and no planning or management.
No electrician arrived, so I have rewired the hallway and kitchen lights.

The shoddy workmanship continues.

Here is first attempt to fit the kitchen end panels and kickboards (I was away with work and came home to see this).
Now waiting for the kitchen company to reorder and fit new and correct ones.

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I bet some choice words were said!

I went to the kitchen company to show them the pictures, the director just said he’d order some more, never apologised.:face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
They can continue to fit units until it’s done properly.

Emailed the insurance company the quotes for new carpets and kitchen flooring back in October , not had a response yet :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: More chasing to be done.

Why is it so hard to get a job done properly these days?

Would the director accept it?
Would the insurance company boss be happy with the service?

Poor service frustrates the life out of me. Its so needless!

Living in the same area as you, I find the trades are a nightmare. We had a floor skimmer and covered and it’s so uneven every chair is a rocking chair and tables wobble. I kicked up a fuss, they never fixed it, I never paid them a penny. Was £4K job.

I only trust John Lewis and Gavin.

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