Flat Tyres

Both rear tyres are defating slowly (flat after 2 days). I have sprayed on water to see if there any bubbles, but nothing. Before I take to the local tyre place, any pointers as to how I can find what’s happening?

I assume submerging in (say the bath) would be better than wiping water over the tyre?

Steve had this prob 2 months ago on the new fronts - turned out to be where valve was attached to rim.

Had to go back to tyre fitters who located leak with a water spray - after valve removed found a bit of corrosion on the rim at the valve location so not seated properly. Cleaned it up, refitted new valve - no probs since - and they did it for free…

I tried spraying the valve but got no bubbles. I did assume it was dodgy valves but after checking was no longer as convinced.
These are on the new Speedlines.

Don’t seem to be having much luck with wheels at the moment, nor Exiges either

have you tried laying them flat and running some soapy water round the rim - between the rim and the tyre???


Are you using “normal” plastic type valves, or “proper” stainless steel motorsport jobbies? I commend the latter


Yep, water & fairy liquid was the trick “my tyre man” showed me.
I spent a couple of hours one Saturday faffing about dunking a deflating tyre in water. He located the puncture in about 5 minutes using the above method.

Can’t imagine your brand new Speedlines are porous. My bet would be the tyre beading not sealing properly.

They have a slightly different rim profile, not that I’ve heard anybody having any problem with them.


I haven’t tried soapy water but did spray water round the rim whilst they were flat (both sides) and no bubbles. Looks like I’m off to the tyre place after lunch.

Results of test.

Wheel 1:

Wheel 2:

So it’s bad news then. Both wheels are porous
It’s in exactly the same places on both wheels (right where the spokes join the main wheel body) Wheel 1 10 o’clock and 2 o’clock; wheel 2 12 o’clock and 7 o’clock).

So it looks like a casting issue.

I would strongly recommend that anyone else who’s bought a set of these wheels from the last batch does the same test. I do hope it’s not affecting everyone’s wheels

Will be contacting Dave at Speedline on Monday to discuss.

Will be contacting Dave at Speedline on Monday to discuss.

How polite

That really is scary stuff, though

If I were you, I’d be asking for all 4 to be replaced, plus a guarantee that they’ve not been crappily cast, & that Dave’s team have checked the quality & the porosity.

That’s bad news Steve.

You’d be forgiven for thinking these things really aren’t worth the money…

On the bright side, David was only too happy to make amends for the quality issues I had, so he should sort things to your satisfaction one way or the other.

Well it’s cost us a small fortune recently in garage bills for swapping tyres, checking balancing, checking and replacing a dodgy tyre, re-swapping tyres and wheels, time, petrol etc etc. That’s on top of getting shafted by HMCS for straying over the speed limit (almost cost me my job on top of the fine and points). Things not going too well at the moment. All I need is to be told I’m redundant at my appraisal next week, the car’s failed it’s MOT and not covered by the warranty, that Fiona’s pregnant and it’ll all be over

Chin up mate.

Chin up mate.

Yeah - it’ll probably be twins!

Unlucky Steve, that’s bad news on the wheels but hopefully it’ll stop them digging their heels in and not sorting out the quality issue now it’s a little more serious than just ‘cosmetic’ stuff.

Don’t think i’ll be rushing to buy a set of these tbh.

LOL at Pesky!

wow serious business - hope you get it satisfactorily sorted Steve