Fitting Roll Cage - how to cut trim?

Have just picked up an Elise roll cage to fit to the car.Everything seems to fit OK, except the bracket holding the diagonal will need to be modified to allow easy removal of the diagonal without removing the roof every time!!!I have one question - on the Elise, the speaker pods needed to be removed to fit the cage (or at least shifted around a bit) - but on the Exige, the speaker pods are a one piece moulding with the bulkhead cover which protects the electrics.Has anyone worked out how / where to cut this panel to get the cage in with minimum modifications - even more interested in hearing if anyone has got a cage into an Exige without cutting this panel at all (but I don’t think this is possible)I could leave the trim out, but this leaves the electric packs very exposed to dust and knocks etc - so I would prefer not toCheers

Mark,i do not have a roll cage in my exige, but i removed the bulkhead cover anyway…just weight.I installed a roll cage in another Exige. I first removed the cover then fitted rollcage. I modified the diagonal bar…i cutted the upper end (the part that goes in the bracket). To fix it i took another pipe, bigger…so that it can be fitted over the diagonal bar and the bracket. Just drill 2 holes and fix it.NicolasPS: sorry for my english