Fitting Motorsport engine cover ??

With the warm weather coming I thought I might fit my motorsport engine cover correctly.

How do you fit it to stop it flapping around when you go over 30 MPH ?

I have tried sticking it down with Velcro strips, but when the engine bay heats up the glue melts and the strips loose there stick. One obvious way would be to fit bonnet clips however the only ones I can find would involve drilling holes in the roof clam section.

I also remember seeing pictures of someone who had built in a frame to make it more ridged.

Any help would be great

Thanks Aaron

i drilled holes on the roof section.

If Possible I would like to avoid any drilling. Any other Ideas ?

If you want to stiffen it up you could glass a length of rope inside the edge.

quick google later…

Cheers Randy

I will give them a call.

Also managed to get hold of some bonnet clips from a remote control car fingers crossed this will stop the roof flapping at speed.