Fitting LSD - what are the options (S2)

I would like to have LSD on the Exige. What do I need? :slight_smile:

Also anyone you can recommend to supply and fit?

Speak to the chaps at Datum Mororsport

Quaife here …
Box needs removal to fit one .Replace diff bearings at the same time.

Yeah, i’ve never heard anyone complain about a Quaife ATB type diff. I’ve had one in my S1 from day 1. Well probably about day 14.


Why not?

you’re gonna stick an LSD on it cos you can’t think of a reason not to?

in general i’d say buying a car, doing one trackday in it on all weather road tyres then deciding it needs an LSD indicates you wanna spend money on something cool that you don;t need, either that or you’re some sort of driving god who extracts every last percent out of his car on the public road and has concluded that a lack of LSD is dragging his commute out for an extra few seconds

Cos the lads got sense !
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Because this is what I used to like doing as a hobby (competitively in the British Drift Championship as well)

Mark Nash's Rx7 drifting Mallory Park at Awesomefest 2011 - YouTube

Now although I’m not intending to use the Exige for that, if I happen to loose the back end on a track day I’ll enjoy holding it all the way around in a controlled way. Now I wouldn’t spend out on an LSD just for that but if it also means I get improved traction etc then maybe I would. But depends how much hence the question at the top of this thread

haha awesome , the exige must be a massive change

i looked at the cost of an LSD and even tracking the car a lot i didn’t reckon it was worth it unless I was replacing a broken gearbox as well.

Yes I suspect it may work out more than its worth spending, hoping it may just be a case of picking up a 2nd hand gearbox and fitting it?

And yes the Exige is a lot different from the RX7. But at that time my daily was an S2 Elise with an Audi engine conversion, so wasn’t a shock as I knew what to expect :slight_smile: The Exige is actually my 4th Lotus. In an ideal world I’d have another RX7 drift car, but two toy cars is more than I can justify at the moment so if I have to chose just one its a Lotus for sure :slight_smile:

If you are going to do the clutch flywheel etc while it is out do it, other wise it will be expensive for the gain, PS if you have the box in bits, put in the jubu (or similar gears as well) :wink:

To be fair I’d heard the argument Scosh before I fitted mine but I wouldn’t be without it now mate.

EFA :smiley: those were the days :smiley:

:smiley: anyone for a burger lol