Fitting injectors

Help please.

New injector in blue, old in green.
The old one has a plastic black sheath at the tip. It doesn’t look lke it wants to come off easily or without breaking.
1- I presume the new ones need them
2- Does the old one come off
3- should I just get new ones if they are available(didn’t see this as an option when purchased)
Thanks Guys.

If the new injector didn’t come with the black plastic tip it doesn’t use it… Just use new rubber injection cushions. Make sure you don’t pinch them when installing.

Understood, thanks.
Seems odd as the bodies are identical in every other way.
Cover me, I’m going in.

As Frank says , they ain’t needed …
The old ones do come off if you’re careful.
The collars arent available as a part.
Have fun :slight_smile:

Thanks again, they’re in. We don’t let the grass grow in these parts

I purchased Uprated injectors ages ago but never fitted them as I assumed it would need a remap when swapping them over, is this not the case?

Need more info ??
Deffo not a case of swap and hope …
Remaps are available for the 220 , personally I’d ditch the 220 and fit a 260 and larger pump if 300 ish is your aim
Edit … 300 only comes with smaller pulley

When I first got my 220 Exige I purchased a job lot on the forum (Uprated 440 injectors, high flow fuel pump, and smaller 2.9 pully).

I have held off fitting any of it as I was led to believe I would be better off improving cooling before fitting/remapping

The 220 ecu doesn’t allow full throttle so that’s your bottleneck at the mo…

Can I fit the 260 ecu first then add the injectors/pulley/fuel pump/cooling later then? I assumed it would need another remap after adding the hardware so better fitting everything first?

Don’t fit the 260 ecu without injectors and pump cos there won’t be enough fuel going in …