Fitting HID's!

God it was hard… took me about 2 hours to fit one side, then about 15 mins for the second one…

VX220 was just in and out each side!

Anyone else fitted them?

Leaving it to the professionals. Looked at the instructions an thought it would be one of those all afternoon jobs.

Are you happy with the results ?


They are just awesome! I took the yellowish sidelights out aswell, best mod so far!

pics please!

and how much did they cost?


I bought my car second hand about a month ago and the lights are pretty good to be honest (certainly better than the halogens on my A3 coal burner) - no mention of uprated lights from the dealer and they aren’t as good as the Xenons/Bi-xenons of my last 3 cars but, there is a slight purple tinge to the edge of the beam, so does this mean mine has been fitted with uprated bulbs (I’m not so interested as to start dismantling the thing!). I suppose what I am asking is just how bad are the stock lights?

Mine is an 07 with the thin blue line at the top of the beam - similar to an Alfa 155 I had may moons ago

the think blue line is caused by the projector lamp… i’ll get a couple of pics at the weekend!

They are awesome!

I got mine from the group buy over at Seloc. They came from Yvo. I thnk he is in Holland or Belgium.

Very good service and price. Got Dipped and main beam as a pckage.

Try link above.


Here is his e-mail:
Yvo Tuk [[email protected]]


quick pic of mine fitted