Fitting Exige throttle bodies to an Elise?

Well not really, the way I see it is the engine is just getting loads more air now, so putting in more juice and therefore more power

With standard cams there’d be no need to change the cam timing…

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Hmmm so do I need an aftermaket ecu or not?

My plan is just bolt on parts over the summer. So now the throttle bodies are on I’m on the hunt for a perfomance exhaust manifold (anyone have one for sale???) I already have a decat pipe and a stainless exhaust system but the back box is large and I think I might have alot of back pressures as the exhaust is also quite even with the decat pipe. So I am thinking of changing the back box as well.

Will a performance exhaust manifold make the car any louder or will it just decrease back pressure?

Also how can I get me elise to pop and bang like it does when cold at he moment but when hot?

In the winter I plan on a big valve head and cams when the car will be off the road for a few months. If I dont have an ecu by before then I will get on at the time of the rebuild.



As for the aftermarket ECU the only risk I can see is the stabdard ECU mapping may not cover THAT much air getting in and you could start to run a little lean… But you’d noticve the temp starting to increase more so then…

With a big valve head and new cams a new ECU would be a 100% definate

Hold on… the four vacuum pipes on each body are connected together and are connected to the ECU, they are the MAP signal for the ECU, not the IACV, the other end of the hose should connect to the fuel pressure regulator. Without this connection the ECU will not be able to sense the load on the engine and it wont run.

You would do well to fit an Emerald ECU and suitable map, you will also need to remove a lot of metal from the inlet port entry since the TB manifold is 39mm and your inlet ports are 35mm.