Fitting bits

It has come time again to be fitting new bits and pieces to my car, however I need a bit of expert knowledge!

Just recieved my larini motorsport cat and back box, quickshift gear shift and linkage set. I am a little dubious of fitting them myself but I don’t want to be charge 50 odd quid an hour by a garage that has not really impressed me with other things I have taken to them.

I think it is now time to get my hands dirty and 'ave a go.
My beauty is an Elise 111S 2004 model if that makes any differance?

If anyone has any advice or knows of any web pages that has
pictures (not that I am illiterate!) I would be most grateful. I have the gist of the exhaust, remove undertray release bolts pull out old sections of exhaust and fit new ones, I hope!! but more knowledge would be great.


Mark, try for a pictorial guide to the linkages. A search of the site (going back yonks) will give you some tips (from AndyD and others).

Have you got the workshop manual? If not, click on Phil’s name and visit his website, you should be able to find something on there.

Getting the old exhaust out can be a git. We ended up hack sawing one of the pipes off. Make sure you seal the joins between the gaskets/manifold/cat/exhaust well. We ended up straightening up the exhaust (gently!) with a long pole sticking out of the end pipes, as the hangers didn’t leave them quite straight.

Good luck and enjoy!



like IDG says… have a look around eliseparts and elise FAQ etc…

with a 2004 car you won’t have any bother with rusty nuts…

you’ll have a ball … the jobs you want to do should be straightforward… if you’ve got small octopus hands…

go4it and keep us posted with how it goes…

Thanks guys.

Been looking at posts around, found an excellent one on which has pictures! That was for a mark one, but no doubt it will be very similar.

Will let you know how things get on, but have already bought some cartoon character plasters for the knuckles!

Thanks again.

Can anybody help me again?

I am trying to search for some catalytic converter gaskets for the exhaust and cat, can standard rover ones be used?, and also two clamps for the exhaust tails that poke through the mesh body work above the rear diffuser, or does the existing exhaust have these clamps and can they be re-used?

Other than that I think I am almost ready for some tinkering!

I am about 95% certain that the gaskets for the CAT are Rover parts. The part no. is A111S6014F.

Not sure about the exhaust

100 % certain bought some from Land Rover 3 weeks ago.

I believe they are for the S1, not sure on the S2.


Thanks for all you help guys. I finally got around to fitting the back box and cat this weekend. The car is quite a bit louder, well actually its a lot louder!! Looks the business and the car pulls stronger, especially at higher revs. Didn’t find it to bad fitting, easier than I thought, so fitted the quickshift gear stick as well, easy fitting again.

Cheers agian.