Fitting and exhaust

If I managed to get hold of a Janspeed stainless steel supersports exhaust, how difficult are they to fit? Obviously I wouldn’t have a clue, but would I have to take it to a garage (and how much would they charge?) or could I get a mate to have a go? Or is this a bad idea to start off with?Thanks guys,Sandra (technical stuff not a speciality)

Hi Sandra,They quite easy to fit, if you still have your CAT on then the bolts are best soaked in WD40 the day before to free them up. The bolts can also be awkward to get at.Do you have new gasket(s) and a set of stainless steel nuts and bolts to replace the originals with ?Nothing wrong with the exhaust, its a good idea if you dont mind the extra noise [image][/image]

Thanks Phil, got the kit - total cost (inc VAT & fitting) just under �260 - not bad eh? Really pleased with it. [image][/image] Thanks to Hubby - he did all the work! Now he’s looking for a silencer…

quote:Originally posted by Sandra: Now he’s looking for a silencer…Surely not to keep YOU quiet???Only kidding [image][/image]

Thats a good price sandra, I just got quoted �420 + vat from lotus for the motorsport exhaust.Where did you get it? Does anyone know how the two compare?RegardsAndy I think are generally the cheapest, also PTP do it.Cheers