Fitting a removable steering wheel

Anyone fitted one of these to their Exige S?, I’m contemplating one on Seriously Lotus’s Black Friday event
Just want to know what’s involved in fitting, or if it’s beyond my limited skills.

This is what I got from EliseParts for my S2. Very well made. The only PITA is removing the OEM wheel. There is a tool for that. The seriously one looks very similar in design… if I had an S3, I’d go for it.

Do you know Ishy?? He has fitted a couple. The parts supplied from me are as per what lotus supply for the V6 Cup cars.
Give me a call if you want to have a chat about it…

Nothing to it & if I can do it anybody can :wink:

Hi Ishy,
I spoke with Dave at Seriously Lotus yesterday and he mentioned that you’d fitted a few of these, and that you have to use something that prevents the airbag warning light coming on when it gets deactivated.
Can you provide me with a link/advice about what needs to be done - thanks

On the S2s, all you have to do is replace the airbag with a 2.2 ohm, 5 watt resistor.

cheers - that’s great, what about the warranty issue? does anyone know if doing this mod affects the warranty? - car isn’t 12 months yet.

It will only effect the warranty on any parts associated with the change.

Apologies for the slow response but answers as above!