Fitting a front number plate

I’ve just got a small front number plate made up by Autoreg (01254 663213 - �25 inc. rear plate & post)for a new personal plate. FYI, They’re supplied on the basis that they’re not for highway use (honest). My question is how best to mount the front plate. The car currently has a small plate bolted thro’ the grill - looks good but must have some effect on cooling (car runs around 85 degs. on the move but rises to 93ish in traffic). I was also given an unused mounting bracket when I bought the car last month and have no idea where this would go - it might give a clue for possible mounting points. Can anyone addvise if a) mounting on the grill is OK? and b) suggestions for alternatives. Many thanks. Howie

Hi Howie,

Look right under the front of the spoiler, You should see 4 captive nuts fitted into the bottom flat part of the spoiler. You should find that these line up with the holes in the mounting bracket. I think that they are 6mm bolts. Best way then is to use some double sided foam pads (the white 1mm thick sort), Available from halfords for a couple of quid this is what we have used to hold a small (track day only plate )on for about 6000 miles with no problems

Hope this helps,

Cheers Steve

As Steve said, but DO NOT leave it on the grille.
You will overheat the engine (it could be expensive)


Which reminds me Uldis, did you see Ford recently having leaf problems with their WRC? They solved/helped it by cutting holes in the floor behind the intake grill to stop it being as much of a vacuum cleaner.


Many thanks for the advice - I’ll get on with it at the weekend. Cheers. Howard.

Yes, saw it.
Wouldn’t want to do it on the Exige, as our car relies on a flat surface close to the ground to generate any downforce.
And rally cars don’t.

Disturbig that might solve the leaves problem but create others.
Don’t you think?

I do agree that it may be dodge to try on an Exige but I’m not sure I agree on the lack of downforce on the new Focus WRC, it’s mean!