Fitting a de-cat list!

Im going to fit my de-cat tomorrow, havent done one before so was wondering if i have forgot anything, or anyone has any pointers.

It is 2BULAR de-cat, and i have the MIl eliminator kit to fit aswell.

Last week i took the diffuser off to have a look and see if i needed anything.
On the bend there is a heat shield actually bolted to the standard exhaust.
On the de-cat there is no holes to bolt this heat shield on, but the bend is heat wrapped, so does this mean i leave this “standard” heat shield off, as the heat wrap is taking its place? The only holes in the de-cat are for the lambda and 02 sensor.
Also will i need a new gasket, or will the old one be re-useable? if so where will i get one from?
It seems a pretty straight forward job, but was just wondering if off anyone whos done it before if i should look out for anything…tips e.t.c

Thabnks in advance

It is straight forward, you won’t need a new gasket\O ring, the only fiddly bit is getting the spring bolts back in to the manifold as they could do with being just a little longer. Also the sensors can be very stuck in the pipe, use something like plus gas and leave them to soak for a while before removal.

Cheers ade, i took one of them out last week, it was tight… actually which one is the lambda/02? im guessing that the lambda would be closest to manifold?

I looked at them spring bolts, and thought to myself they were going to be a little bitch, probably even harder if i was to fit a new gasket!

You can get the bolts from your local toyota dealer very cheaply. (couple of pounds - excluding spring) Mine were well rusted and got slightly chewed up when i removed them.

I had to remove them as the weld had broken on the bracket where the manifold is held just before the cat joins.

Get a universal joint for your socket set and the big spring bolts on the manifold are easy. Just need to get the near side one in a touch then wiggle everything around and get the off side one in and tighten evenly. Once you get the knack its a 30 second job.

cheers guys, all done now, was pretty straight forward job, just a bit of a fiddle on the spring bolts!

How does it sound?

pretty much the same as what it used to, i suppose it sounds slightly deeper!
Just looking for an exhaust now!