Fitting a CRP (Cat Replacement Pipe)

Fitting this myself. How easy is it to do. And is there anything I should think of before tackling it.

Take it to a garage and pay up.

Fairly easy to do all you need to is remove rear tray then undo 3 nuts each side. Which depending on the condition will either come off using a breaker bars or shear the studs.

Then with 6 Stainless bolts and nuts replace the cat with the cat pipe. (can be differing thoughts on using stainless)

The bugger is getting the old studs out the the cat which if they shear can lead to hours of fun.

Angle grinder comes to mind…

Its a piece of cake really - probably more hassle taking it to the garage. You will however need a set of car ramps to get the back off the ground and a good wrench. The cat will also have to go back in every year for MOT so its worthwhile doing it yourself IMHO, I believe a garage will charge about �50 to take it out / refit.

Cheers Guys

Looks like a job for the weekend

I’d recommend fitting new gaskets (, as a leaking one made me rather sick after a long drive.

Purely going on previous posts, as I haven’t actually done this myself. There’s been some good advice on good nuts to use (stainless, anybody?), which could make future replacements easier (eg. MOT). You may find the ones on there hard to get off and get ruined, so make sure you have spares before you start.

A good spray with WD40 a good few minutes before you start may help too.