Fish + Chip Run ?

Anyone planning on going on the F+C run on the 10th December ?Generally a get together of Lotus owners… Given how common Lotus Elise drivers are (in more ways than one [image][/image] we rarer Lotus-car owners should balance it out)The run starts from Woburn Abbey at 11:00am and is then broken down into a 30 mile run (then lunch) then a 40 mile run.More info:

thinking of it…just need to check out how far away it is…

I’ll probably be there. Currently got a flat nearby in Hitchin (though my current contract expires next week so I might be up in Lancs by then), and sometimes use part of the route on my daily commute. Hope my lucks changed since the last F&C run I went on, where I was in the middle of a 3 Elise ‘pile-up’.

quote:Originally posted by Hitch:Currently got a flat nearby in Hitchin Time for the tyre weld ? [image][/image](I’ll get my coat…)

…or hitch a lift… to Hitch in

eheheCome on Hitch… say more unintentionally funny stuff…

No I refuse! I’m off to slam some doors and sulk, until I find someone to buy me a beer (ok a shandy, well I am working down south) at lunchtime.

I like the way you need to get someone else to buy the beer, cause is so bl**dy expensive down south !