Fish & Chip Advent Run

so where were you all?i went and it wasn’t a bad day out…for the most of it the weather behaved itself and the road surfaces were either dry or only slightly damp…except for the big puddles!In terms of range of cars there it was the best yet…with one 340R (he went home early), my Exige, a brace of Esprit, loads of Elises and a MkII driven by 2 guys from the factory.Can’t understand it when it was on most of your doorsteps…shame on you :stuck_out_tongue:

Now if you’d only reminded us Steve…Is a bugger that I forgot… I was at a loose end this weekend too.

I decided to spare what’s left of my rear tyres for Brands Hatch today. I can safetly say I’ve never driven so slowly on a track. If only it wasn’t so bloody wet. If only Lotus had some tyres in stock.Can’t wait to go back to Brands in the dry.

Brands has to be one of the best tracks around. Plus there are some great public roads on the way to the track.

Anyone doing the 7th Jan Fish n Chip run. Ldn to South Coast.

You have little or no excuse for not making this one : Well, ok shortish notice.Cannot make it myself as car not taxed until this weather improves !

I think there is also an unofficial one starting in Harrogate…anybody in on that?