First S1 Exige now in New Zealand

I would just like to tell the masses that the first ever S1 Exige has landed in New Zealand. With another one hopefully landing in the next week or so. So there will be two S1’s in a country about the size of the UK. Not bad eh? The Kiwis will never know what hit them! Judging by the amount of camera shots taken by the Customs and MAF guys taht is!
So that makes me a very happy boy. Just like being 10 again and getting to my Chrimbo pressies.
Will post some pics of the first trackie and a few of my forth coming exploits.
All the best to you all. Chuffed to *ucK.

well done, although with so few there, they will know who to come to with any driving infringements

We miss you here though.
Dont forget to fix me up with a trackday at Xmas time as I now qualify as a real eXiger.
Good luck Jez keep us posted about your exploits.
Did the Fuzz remember your last sp**ding prob??

TOTALLY Jealous Jez!.. I’m sick and tired of waiting for mine to arrive!!! I want it NOW goddammit!

Will look forward to seeing your beast, nice to know what I’m getting myself in for… yours will likely be the first I ever clap eyes on.

Make sure you take it REALLY easy if you’re driving from Tauranga to Auckland with no plates on… if a cop spots you at all with no plates on your arse will be grass (think they can suspend your licence for that)… try and sort yourself some dealer plates or borrow Mr G’s trailer if you can.

Will look very forward to seeing what you can come up with for a personalised plate

Mine have arrived and are just waiting for the car to put them on



Nice one Jez

mine lands on the shores of Aus on the 18th of Oct