First few months of LF1 ownership

Just trying to help Benja by posting a bit more :thumbup:
After picking the LF1 up on the 3rd October I must say I am really enjoying it, I soon forgot about leaving my S2 behind which was a fabulous car.
The two most notable improvements are the power deliverey and the way it rides on the road (not had chance to drive it on the track yet)
The sound from the exhaust is great when in touring mode but is even better in sport, not too loud. Including the standard exhaust on the S2 I had four different ones fitted and could not find one that I really liked they seem to get tiresome after thirty minutes. But that is my opinion and I am sure other people love their’s.
Had the first service done at 1200 miles the engine is really smooth and the gearbox is getting slicker,the shift was quite stiff at first (so was I lol).
Trouble is I can’t stop wanting to take it out for a blast even if the roads are not very good at the moment, but I did spray the underneath with ACF 50 a couple of days after picking it up and will do that again in the Spring.
The gold wheels look great but you have to wash them more because they soon get dirty, then they don’t look very nice and being a matt finish are harder to clean.
After having a problem with the lights being crap on dipped beam, sorted now by having them adjusted correctly. Still would be better if Nightbreaker brought out bulbs that would fit.
Pain in the bum that the car didn’t come with a harness bar fitted, but I have one ready to fit plus the harnesses.
Would I recommend people buy a V6 Exige and the answer is YES, I have not stopped smiling since picking it up. :smiley:
Looking forward to better weather now and the first outing with the car at Anglesey, it will still be one of the slowest car’s there though with me behind the wheel but I will be enjoying it which is what it’s all about. :wink:

You have a stunning car Pete - something of a keeper I think. I was very impressed on my little test drive, but not enough to tempt me from the Evora as I prefer the old fart comfort levels it offers :blush:

Plus the Evora is Sherman friendly :thumbup:

the lf1 is deffo the spec to have, looks cracking

What I am missing is the induction noise that I used to have in the S2 with the TRD airbox.
Would be great if TRD did one for the V6, I suppose we will have to wait for that. Don’t want to void the 3 year warranty either.

how much does the TVS blower whine?

It is fairly quiet really Muu compared with the S2, but the S2 does have the a/a intercooler too which makes some of the noise. When I fitted the Pro Alloy intercooler that made a deeper sound than the standard one :thumbup:

Pete your car does look stunning but im not jealous in the slightest…well maybe just a bit :laughing:

Nice review, hoping to have time/weather to get some miles on mine soon.

Post up about it…with some pics please :slight_smile:

SSC down here in Sydney have developed a CAI for the V6.

Quite a few people have them fitted and say they now have some intake roar, complete with Supercharger whine … its quite a bit louder as its a pipe with a foam air cleaner. The trick is the pipe needs to be right to eliminate error codes and idling issues.

The other point is you get a few extra HP

Sorry, I missed this Pete but good to know you’re enjoying it to the full. Never had chance for a proper cgT at our Xmas do but hope to see you and car again soon

Another update on LF1 ownership.
After fitting the harness bar and belts last weekend I thought I would take it out for a blat just to make sure everything is ok. Really glad I lubricated the roof seals as that has stopped the squeeking on the passenger side, at the same time I adjusted the drivers side window glass which has stopped the whistling due to fitting better against the door seal. The cabin is so much quieter now :smiley:
Getting to the best bit now, the engine is really loosening up plus I am getting used to driving it. Flipping heck it’s fast much quicker than I thought it would be, and the exhaust is sounding better too. If you are thinking of changing the back box I would recommend waiting a while until it has a couple of thousand miles on it and then decide.
The other problem is that I can’t stop wanting to drive the thing it’s ace, I went out yesterday to the Lakeland Motor Museum and again today for another run out before putting it back in the garage all [email protected] up.
Need to give it a wash now before taking it to Enstone :smiley:
Sorry for keeping posting up about the car :blush:

A little picture for Tim Marra taken at the museum.

Keep posting Pete, always enjoyable to read how much fun you’re having.

Yup love reading your updates Pete! I think more of us should follow your lead with car blogs.

I hope to be writing an update soon when I go and visit my car at Donny in a couple of weeks…


Looking good Pete and as dirty as my Evora :slight_smile:

Keep posting, pal. Always good to know what you’re up to.

Looking forward to reading about your cars upgrades Benja :sunglasses:

A great read Pete,

Glad your enjoying it. I’ve not been in one yet but seeing as mines in at silverstone in a few weeks for the 260 I’ll try for a test drive.

Enjoy Enstone.