First Exige Trackday

I hope to do my first trackday in the Exige soon , but have a question regarding insurance.

My insurers (autotorque) say that they won’t cover me for my first trackday in the Exige so what do I do? Do I risk it and pootle round hoping that nobody runs into me, or can I get insurance for this one event elsewhere?

It’s a bit annoying seeing as I have done trackdays in other cars, and will be covered for subsequent ones in the exige too.

Well if you’ve done them before then you know what to expect… Where you thinking of doing it?

Personally I’d go for it with no insurance and just be sensible, give everyone room etc… Problems only occur when you run out of talent / start “playing” with some of the folk you know

Call Competition Car Insurance (aka Eggar Lawson), they will cover you for the day.

You pay �x per �1000 of cover required.

I took out �10K of damage insurance on my GT2… which was fortunate… when I did �10K of damage to it

Doesn’t affect your road policy.


I suggest you come to Anglesey on 9th July (Tracksport Clicky ). Myself, Russ , Jaycee & possibly the Edwards Boyz will be there, & we’ll look after you, as will the instructors from Tracksport Unlikely that there will be more than 35 cars there

Insurance is up to you, but you would be really very unlucky to need it at Anglesey on the day in question.

So, is it a deal?

Ooh Anglesey looks good… Oh and there’s unlucky, and �30k unlucky!

Can i come along if i promise not to bring my brother


Please bring him, I owe him a slap or two

Ok then i will bring him along… but make sure you bring some duck tape to keep your car together